Who we are:

Mama: I’m 34 and a passionate library employee. I’m an advocate for those with mental health issues and I’m dedicated to ending the stigma around them. I have another blog where you can read about my exploits as a bipolar person in today’s world over here:


I enjoy reading thrillers and pretending I like to read the classics.

Annie: My incredible kid with an incredible brain. She has Asperger’s if it was still a thing, plays the saxophone, loves cats and is a talented artist.

I’m not biased at all. We are both big believers in letting people read what they want to read and I attribute this to her current love for books.

Let them read comics! Let them read manga! Let them read above AND below their level!


Three footed cat dynamo. We will probably reference her often as she is a huge part of Annie’s life. We’re pretty sure she was born without that foot, and trust me, she doesn’t suffer!


Also likely to be referenced often is our mini American Shepherd, Pepper!

She’s just like her sister breed, the Australian Shepherd, but she doesn’t have an accent!